Min: $0 Max: $25

Fashion Jewelry Bohemian multilayer round star necklace

Bohemian Multi layer Round Star Necklace


Fashion Jewelry Bohemian multilayer crescent choker necklace

Bohemian Multi-Layer Crescent Choker Necklace


Hand Made Coin and bar necklace

Gold Coin and Bar Necklace


Disc pendant choker

Disc Pendant Choker


Hand Made Double layered sequin strand necklace

Double Layered Gold Sequin Double Strand Necklace


Must have Moon thin chain necklace

Dainty Moon Metallic Necklace Length Approx: 18"


Redwood Multi chain stone necklace

Layered Mini Faux Stone Pendant Necklace Approx: 16"+3"


Must have Triangle bling chain necklace

Triangular Jewel Pendant Necklace Length: Approx 16"


Must have Sideways cross chain necklace

Side Cross Pendant Necklace Length: Approx 16"


Must have Arrow chain necklace

Classic Arrow Pendant Necklace Length: Approx 16".


Must have Two heart chain necklace

Double Heart Pendant Necklace Length: Approx 16".


Must have Knot heart chain necklace

Dainty Infinity Pendant Necklace. Length: Approx 16"


Must have Horseshoe chain necklace

Dainty horseshoe necklace. Length Approx: 16"


Must have Two ring chain necklace

Double Rings Pendant Necklace


Must have Bear foot chain necklace

Dog Paw Pendant Necklace 16 in. length


Must have Triangle chain necklace

Triangle Cutout Pendant Necklace.


Secret Box 14 karat gold dipped tri earring

Dainty Jewel Triangle Stud Earrings.


Ring bar earring

Circle Stud Earrings


Tri hoop earring

Triangle Hoop Huggie Earrings


pomina Large hoop earring

In My Circle Click Hoop Earrings


Dorthy Small circle anklet

Mini Coin Lariat Chain Anklet


ITS Seashell chain anklet

Multi chain layered seashell anklet

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