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Tyler Candles 11 oz jars have a long lasting burn time of 50 to 60 hours. Enjoy the 11 oz jars to individually scent different rooms in your home. * See list of scent descriptions below

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Product description

24k - rich currants with green undertones.

Platinum - A complex mixture of bergamot, lavender, pineapple leaf, exotic verbena, oakmoss, geranium, coumarin, apple, rose, pomarosa, sandalwood, tonka, & evernyl.

Celebrity - A rich, sensual floral essence & sparkling blend with a rich Oriental drydown.

Paparazzi - Rich musk & leather, very masculine conveying true envy.

Manly Man - Bitter orange layers over patchouli, thick bourban vanilla, vetiver & musk.

Lipstick - (Formerly Pomegranate) Gourmet berry fragrance with a hint of sweet strawberry and the tartness of pomegranates.

Hollywood - So many exquisite aroma levels it is sure to be an instant hit!

Hippie Chick - A hint of the frenchest vanilla bean melds with rich exotic patchouli.

Fearless - Extreme masculine blend of Musk, Citrus & Patchouli. Undaunted, Very bold.

Drama - An intoxicating blend of Madagascar vanilla layered with African pear, wild jasmine and white sandalwood.

Cowboy - Nearly decadent in its sensuality, loaded with the rugged aroma of leather.

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